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Create ratio image from 2 channel image

This plugin can create ratio image using FRET image (ex. ch1 -> CFP, ch2 -> CFP-YFP)

As a major feature, it corresponds to the IMD format.

Addition, download Lut file separately -> Original LUT files

There is a problem with color corruption when simply z-projecting a FRET image.

See also HSBprojector for a solution to this problem.

This plugin can not run on latest Fiji for Mac(java_1.8.0_202). 4th Jul 2019.

Please see the detail from the top page of ImageJ plugin.


Drosophila embryo, CFP-YFP probe(https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29983336/), Left: 440nm / CFP, Right : 440nm / YFP
Left: ch2 / ch1 * 100 * 300, Right: ch1 / (ch1 + ch2) * bitMaxValue (Cut off under “bitMaxValue / 100”), LUT: 16colors
Left: Like IMD (min – 0.25, max – 1.0, LUT: LMD2), Right: IMDwithHSB (min – 0.25, max – 1.0)

Update log:

~ update 20200722 (ver.20191115) ~

  • Add IMDwithHSB method
  • Improves processing speed by performing parallel calculation on the time axis

~ update 20190403 ~

  • Code correction due to behavior change of ImageJ 1.52n or later

Source code:

Github -> Wada-H/FRETratioFx