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ImageJ Plugins

Plugin to create Quicktime movie

Quicktime movie creation plugin


Basically, a customized version of Save as Movie

Therefore, javacv.jar, javacpp.jar, ffmpeg.jar, ffmpeg-macosx-x86_64.jar, opencv.jar, opencv-macosx-86_64.jar is required.

Codec limits h.264 and Mpeg4, containers to .mov

Automatic calculation of Bitrate from image size etc. * Calculate higher value than original

When using h.264, there is a bug that may come from an external jar. -> almost eliminated by setting Codec to Mpeg4


When writing a timestamp or scale, expanding the image will disturb the image in H.264.

-> There is no problem if this is also MPEG4. In addition, if bitrate is reduced, it may be resolved

Update log

~ version up! 20201012 ~

  • Supports JavaCV 1.5.4
  • The JVM crashes when using libx264 on mac, so avoid it by using libopenh264

~ version up! 20200228 ~

  • Changed to write the displayed ROI

~ version up! 20191017 ~

  • Fixed a bug that minute display setting does not work

~ version up ! 20190906 ~

  • Compatible with javacv 1.51
  • * If you need to use javacv 1.44, please use previous version

~ version up ! 20190829 ~

  • Added a function to set the maximum display unit in minutes

~ version up! 20180608 ~

  • Slightly increased speed by parallelizing some processes

~ version up! 20171018 ~

  • Added a function to select the start position of the time stamp
  • *Before the start, minus sign

~ version up! 20151021 ~

  • Switch to the latest javacv, ffmpeg APIs.
  • *Therefore, please update if you are using old javacv APIs together.
  • *Errors appear due to method or structure changes
  • *Since javacv is compatible with java 1.7 or later, please use ImageJ built with 1.8.

Download JavaCV 1.2 binary archive from the link page.

JavaCV https://github.com/bytedeco/javacv

Copy the unzipped folder to the ImageJ plugin folder.

Download java1.8 version ImageJ.

ImageJ http://imagej.nih.gov/ij/

~ update 20150403 ~

  • Fix the problem of changing the aspect ratio when creating a movie by expanding the writing space

~ version up 20150327 ~

  • Add timestamp and scale overwrite function
  • Add space expansion function for writing timestamp or scale