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Display the cross section image by LineROI

Display the cross section image by LineROI

This plugin can not run on latest Fiji for Mac(java_1.8.0_202). 4th Jul 2019.

Please see the detail from the top page of ImageJ plugin.


Cross-sections of arbitrary position are created

Update History:

~ upload 20200531 ~

  • Modified to be able to process segmented line and free line(20190917)
  • Add method used in SheetMeshProjection(20190930)
  • Minor correction(20191209)

~ update 20190709 ~

  • Supports decimal numbers for z-direction expansion
  • Changed the scale to be more accurate accordingly

~ update 20190227 ~

  • Addition of a function to change the projection method.
  • The image creation process in the T axis direction has been changed.
  • *The number of ROIs must be the same

~ update 20180410 ~

  • The operation became more comfortable by adding parallel processing.
  • Addition of function to create image of the area by widening Line Width.
  • Avoid some bugs from PlotProfile, Line, Straighten in ImageJ.
  • Added ROI interlocking function to T axis.

~ update 20180326 ~

  • Add record ROI function and create image function.
  • Changed to inherit scale of original image.

first version ~ upload 20180323 ~