RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research, Laboratory for Morphogenetic Signaling (Hayashi Lab.)


ImageJ Plugins

Create interpolated images along the Z or T axis


Create an interpolated image by reconstructing an orthogonal image with respect to the Z and T axes.

Unlike Time Average, it produces a more natural blur because it is not an average figure.


  • Load the Analyze > Set Scale or Image > Propeties values ​​as initial values.


10 frame / sec

Original movie #1
4x magnification along the time axis
Original movie #2
Pixel equal magnification along the z axis

Update log:

~ update 20199798 ~

  • Expansion by decimal values ​​is possible
  • Modified to reflect calibration value according to extension

~ update! 20161201 ~

  • Code reorganization
  • Improved processing speed by reviewing some processes as code is organized
  • Fine adjustment of parameters

~ update 20150715 ~

  • Change part of processing from fixed value to variable
  • *This provides more natural movement for large expansions

version first ~ upload 20150713 ~