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ImageJ Plugins

Display overlapping images of two parts

This plugin creates 2ch images from SplitView image (Andor) etc.

This plugin can not run on latest Fiji for Mac(java_1.8.0_202). 4th Jul 2019.

Please see the detail from the top page of ImageJ plugin.

  • SplitView : A technology that captures a 2ch image as a single image without switching filters by simultaneously detecting the first wavelength in half and the second wavelength in the other half in a CMOS or CCD.
  • Move baseRoi and targetRoi to adjust the merged image.
  • Click the Create Image button to create a new image.
  • If the cursor is a hand cursor in the merge image window, the merge image can also be adjusted by dragging on merge view window.

Applied use:

This plug-in feature can also be used to crop and align images for combine process.

  • Combine the two images as they are.
  • Use this plug-in to adjust the size and position of each image.
  • Create a merged image.
  • Combine the merged image again.

Update log:

~ update 20220131 ver 2.4 ~

  • ROI behavior bug fixed in 1.53p22 or later due to changes in ImageJ 1.53i or later.

~ update 20191126 ver 2.3 ~

  • Stabilized processing when target ROI out of image during auto shift
  • Changed the calculation method of indicator value
  • Fixed the bug that the title of viewImage becomes null

~ update 20190628 ~

  • Became possible to start even one image
  • Corresponded to the change of 1.52p

~ update 20190404 ~

  • Avoid competition with brightness adjustment tools

~ version up 20190403 ~

  • Improved operation stability and response
  • Added auto shift function
  • Code correction due to behavior change of ImageJ 1.52n or later

~ upload 20170530 ~

  • first version(ver. 20170530)