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Subtract background for stack image


The old version’s methods are swapped.(Mod -> Ave, Ave -> Mod) 2019.02.26

If you downloaded this plug-in before February 26, 2019, please download the new version again.

This plug-in can find the value that is the majority of the intensity value.

And subtract the found value that is multiplied optional value each image of stack.

It is possible to select a part to calculate the background by selected ROI.


  • method(default:Mode)
  • extend value(default:1.0)
  • Subtract background from self slice(default:checked)


  • It is effective for images with many background parts because it detects the majority of the intensity value in the image.
  • If you use the median filter etc. after removing noise, it will be effective

Update log:

~ update 20190403 ~

  • Code correction due to behavior change of ImageJ 1.52n or later

~ update 20190226 ~

  • Code correction due to methods replaced each other